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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Augmented reading

MetaInk Books is a company proud to be comprised of dreamers with a mission: To publish kid's books that are educational in content, immersive, and primarily written by teachers. As former teachers, we saw a trend in education, especially among elementary educators; a lot of teachers create their own characters and stories to contextualize concepts for students, and continue to refine and tell those stories as the years pass. Stories that should be published and shared widely with the education community.

A lot of these stories end up on Teacher's Pay Teachers, which is one of the first platforms that emerged to create a community of teachers that share and profit from their hard work. But in addition to amazing content, anyone can publish their work with little background checks which has led to a massive amount of content to sort through making it hard for other's to find your story.

Going through the process of searching for a publisher, and also crossing over from teacher to published author isn't an easy transition or journey for everyone. If you are reading this, you probably have a lot of the same questions we did. I have a kids's story, what do I do now? What publishers can I send it to? Do I need an agent? Will they even look at it? How do I get an illustrator for my story? Do I need to have illustrations prior to approaching a publisher. These are all questions we asked ourselves.

And before us, there were no educational publishing companies that focused on kid's books ran by former educators. That's why we started MetaInk Publishing. To publish great stories orally handed down in classrooms over the years. To help elevate teachers who are aspiring authors. And finally, because of our love for immersive technologies: To bring books to life for our readers, and put good quality educational XR, augmented and virtual reality experiences, in the hands of teachers, parents, and students.

If you have a story you are interested in publishing and are ready to share with the world-- Email us. Schedule a consultation. Between 2021 and 2022 we plan on signing our first catalogue of 6 books. Be one of the 6. Contact us today.

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